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Brother Pr 1050

Euro : 7.699,00 without taxes
Euro : 9.623,75 with taxes 

74,102.00 HRK


Brother PR 1000-Govic-1
Brother PR 1000-Govic-2
Brother PR 1000-Govic-3
Brother PR 1000-Govic-4


Brother Entrepreneur Pro is the Next Dimension in Embroidery!

Brother offers the perfect 10 in embroidery!
10 needles.
10 thread colors.
10 needle auto threading.
10 LED lights.
10 thread eyelet threading system.

BROTHER PR 1050 – Compact, one-head, ten-needle embroidery machine

PROMOTION:Now when buying Brother PR1050 embroidery machine you will get PE DESIGNED NEXT software for free!

One head, ten-needle, compact embroidery machine perfect for embroidery houses and services, producers of clothes, occasional events organizers, advertising agencies, shops, design studios, interior decorators. PR 1000 combines the features of the industrial machine with pleasure of comfortable work which gives the Brother brand.

Brother PR embroidery series is dedicated to embroidery enthusiasts, crafters and home-based entrepreneurs. Low cost production, personalization of ready-made garments, making small embroidery services requires specific equipment and a completely different operating system than the high volume of orders. Brother embroidery machines of PR series (PR 650 and PR 1050) perfectly respond to these challenges and are flexible to the needs of this type of production.

Main features of the embroidery machine:
- embroidery speed up to 1000 s.p.m.
- maximum embroidery area 360x200 mm
- embroidery area on caps 360x60 mm
- enhanced InnovEye technology - you can view, in real time, a sharp, magnified view of the needle area - it's like a having a built-in camera above the needle
- 28 built-in fonts and 110 embroidery designs
- setting the embroidery speed for a single needle
- automatic threading of each of the 10 needles
- dual system of defining colors of embroidery - the possibility to use a standard numerical system used in industrial machines or InnovaChrom system which provides colored LED lights under each spool, making thread color selection easy - simply match your thread color to the LED light color under each spool
- communication with the computer with USB port, possibility of network working - up to four embroidery machines at one time
- two additionally USB ports
- HD touch screen
- editing of embroidery designs from the control panel
- 4 hoops in standard:
Extra Large 360x200 mm
Large 180x130 mm
Medium 100x100 mm
Small 60x40 mm
- internal memory, where you can copy the designs from different media
- fixing the embroideries (moving back of forward in the range from 1 to 1000 stitches in one step), especially useful when thread breaks
- additional lightning of the working field with a color similar to daylight
- instructional videos uploaded to the memory of embroidery machine

Brother PR 1000-Govic1
Camera Positioning Sensor

The built-in camera sensor makes it easy to position the embroidery exactly where needed.

Brother PR 1000-Govic2
28 Built In Fonts And 110 Designs

A wide range of built-in lettering styles and embroidery designs.

Brother PR 1000-Govic3 
Large Embroidery Area

(360mm x 200mm) The PR1050e's extra large embroidery area and range of included frames gives you the flexibility to work with a huge range of projects from jackets and t-shirts to socks and baby clothes.

Brother PR 1000-Govic4
10 Needles

Embroider multi-coloured designs quickly and easily. Upper and lower thread trimmers eliminate time-consuming trimming when the embroidery is complete.

Brother PR 1000-Govic5
Flexible Threading System

Easy threading prevents thread tangles and knots and provides stable thread tension.

Brother PR 1000-Govic6
Thread Stand With LED Guide Lights

Multi-coloured LED lights help to: show the position of broken threads; show the position when a thread needs changing; and show the position thread for each colour used.

Brother PR 1000-Govic7
New ASV LCD Touch Screen Contol

The wide angle HD touch screen displays bright, crystal clear images. Adjustable brightness and super fast processing means design edits and previews are shown immediately, saving you time.

Brother PR 1000-Govic8
Link Upto 4 Machines Via A Single PC

With the new PE-Design Next software, it's possible to link up to 4 machines via a single PC to give enhanced productivity.

Brother PR 1000-Govic9
Link Capability

Send designs to multiple machines. Queue name changes with the new name drop feature. Ideal when making personalised items such as team shirts.

Brother PR 1000-Govic10
Table to support extra large projects

Includes a table to support large and heavy projects, such as blankets and jackets etc. Also supports the optional jumbo and border frames.

Brother PR 1000-Govic11 
Adjustable LED lighting system

The built-in LED natural lighting system provides effective, adjustable light for the work area.

Brother PR 1000-Govic12
Cylinder Arm

The cylinder arm makes it easy to embroider caps, tote bags, sleeves, trousers, etc.

Brother PR 1000-Govic13    
Embroidery Frames

4 different size frames are supplied as standard:
Extra large 360 x 200mm
Large 180 x 130mm
Medium 100 x 100mm
Small 60 x 40mm

Brother PR 1000-Govic14
Automatic Needle Threading

Simply press the automatic needle threading button and the upper thread will pass through the needle. It couldn't be simpler.

Brother PR 1000-Govic15
Customise Designs On Screen

Powerful editing functions include arranging text, pattern rotation in 1 degree increments, design size change and the ability to combine designs and add lettering too.

Brother PR 1000-Govic16

Thread Change

The PR1000e will display the length of time before the next thread change is needed.

Brother PR 1000-Govic17
Variable speed:

400 to 1,000 stitches per minute
Select the best embroidery speed for your different speeds to suit specialist threads.

Brother PR 1000-Govic18
Advanced Features For Extra Versatility

+/- 1000 stitch step back/forward using the camera sensor allows you to go back over part of a design.

Brother PR 1000-Govic19
Dual mode colour sequence for DST/PES

The PR1000e supports the dual colour sequence function found on many industrial machines.

Brother PR 1000-Govic20
Appliqué Funtion

Create appliqués with this useful built-in function, perfect for badges and medallions.

Brother PR 1000-Govic21
Single Colour Embroidery

Converts multi-coloured designs to single colour, quickly and simply, saving you time.

Optional Extras  
Brother PR 1000-Govic22   
Wide Angle Cap Frame (360 x 60mm)

The wide angle cap frame enables you to embroider popular cap styles quickly and easily.

Brother PR 1000-Govic23
Cylinder Frame

Embroider virtually anything that's cylindrical and normally difficult to sew. Cylinder frame 90mm wide x 80mm high.

Brother PR 1000-Govic24
Round Frame Kit

The round frame kit includes 3 round frames
Small 100mm
Medium 130mm
Large 160mm

Brother PR 1000-Govic25
Jumbo Frame 360 x 360 mm

Embroider extra large designs with ease. Simply embroider the first half of the design and turn the hoop 180 degrees. The camera sensor system will position the frame ready to embroider the 2nd half of the design.

Brother PR 1000-Govic26
Border frame 300 x 100 mm

Embroider beautiful continuous designs and borders. Ideal for a wide range of projects from fashion to furnishings. Quilt frame 200 x 200mm also available.

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